Bible Institute

Dear Applicant,

Hope Baptist Institute is a ministry of a dynamic church, building Christian lives, Hope Baptist Church in North Little Rock-Sherwood, Arkansas. Hope Baptist Church is an Independent-Fundamental Baptist Church standing for the historic doctrines and practices of fundamental Christianity. The purpose of Hope Baptist Institute is to train Christians to have an intimate, personal, and passionate relationship with the Saviour. To make their Christianity a real life passionate experience rather than a redundant mechanical experience. You will be part of a unique church with a world wide ministry through For The Love Of The Family Ministries that reaches thousands of people annually and helps people to learn how to have a real relationship with God.

Hope Baptist Institute is an evening Bible Institute with a classes at 7:00 P.M. on Wednesday evening.  There are classes at other times as well. This class is part of the Wednesday night Bible study, of Hope Baptist Church taught by Dr. Terry L. Coomer. Dr. Coomer is an expositor of God’s Word teaching through the New Testament verse by verse and word by word. Dr. Coomer has taught through the New Testament verse by verse. Also, at different times during the year special module classes will be held at different times with visiting professors. The curriculum will be taught by Bible College graduates and you can receive a Bible Institute Diploma after completing 32 hours of classes. You may receive a two-year Bible School Diploma after completing 64 hours and a  Graduate of Theology Diploma, upon completion of 96 hours of classes. A Bachelor of Bible diploma is awarded after 128 hours are completed. More classes and evenings will be added in the future.

The cost to attend Hope Baptist Institute is a $25.00 application fee and then $50.00 per class, plus the costs of books. There are no refunds of the application fee or tuition. All books can be obtained through our church book store. All fees are due and payable prior to the first class.

Hope Baptist Institute is located in North Little Rock-Sherwood, Arkansas. There is a plentiful, low cost housing market. Dormitories are not available, but students will have no problem finding affordable acceptable housing. Jobs are plentiful with the fourth strongest economy in the United States. The great part is you can work during the day and go to class at night.

Dr. Terry L.Coomer and his wife Kim founded Hope Baptist Church in February of 2010. All classes will be held at Hope Baptist Church.

Dr. Coomer and his wife Kim are well known around the country for having a deep passion for the Christian family and have successfully counseled many families to have a real walk with God, spiritual children to grow up and walk with God, and a godly Christian home. You will hear Dr. Coomer teach you how to understand the Bible and how to help others apply it to their life as well as your own life.

The unique experience of being under the ministry of Hope Baptist Baptist Church will be a life changing experience.

You will learn how to study your Bible and get the most out of it in a deep and spiritual way. You will learn to have an endearing love for the King James Bible. You will also learn how to counsel with those who have destructive behavior in their life and help them make Biblical long term life changes. Dr. Coomer is a published author on several subjects that have helped many around the world. Currently, For The Love of the Family material has been translated in to 23 different languages.

You will learn how to share your faith with others in a deep and meaningful way. You will be equipped with what you need spiritually to have a fruitful ministry and a real walk with God.

Our passion is to train our own church people to go into the entire world and preach the gospel, rear godly children, and have a Christ honoring marriage and home. It is also our passion to train others who want to desire these things in their life. While most children who grow up in a Christian home do not go on to live for God, the need is great. We are not an activity place, but a spiritual place. Hope Baptist Institute is a place where the student will be exposed to Christ honoring music and learn why we believe in Christ honoring worshipful music. We do not believe that Contemporary Christian music and Southern Gospel music are honoring to the Lord and are a compromise with the world’s music. We will show you the Biblical reason why. We believe in Biblical separation from the world and high personal standards for our church and ministries. We believe there is a great need in Central Arkansas for a non-compromising school such as Hope Baptist Institute, to teach God’s people to have a holy life, have an intimate, personal and passionate relationship with the Lord and to stand for the fundamentals of the faith.

For more information call (501) 983-4403 or, or write Hope Baptist Church, 139 Shadow Oaks Drive, Sherwood, AR 72120. Other ministries of Hope Baptist Church: For the Love Of The Family Ministries,, Hope Baptist Missions, Hope Baptist Counseling Center and Discipleship Classes.

Terry L. Coomer, Th.D.
Pastor and Director